HEROES “The Second Coming” Or Is It?

Heroes - Mohinder and Maya

I wanted to remind you guys to tune in tonight and watch the third season premiere of HEROES starting at 9pm on NBC. Yes, I know, Season 2 was garbage, as one of my friends would say, and I will be the first one to call Heroes on its bullsh*t if they mess up again this season. But after seeing the first hour from tonight’s 2-hour premiere, I think there is hope that this season could be what we hoped season 2 would have been.

Don’t get me wrong, there are a few things that don’t make sense in the premiere (since these are spoilers, I have put them at the bottom of the post if you want to read them), but overall, it was a pretty good episode.

You can also read all the spoilers from the first episode of Heroes, “The Second Coming.”

And so with that said I’d like to know what you guys thought of the Heroes‘ Season 3 premiere. Are you ready to give it a new shot? Don’t forget to come and share your thoughts after watching “Heroes” tonight.


Here are all the things that don’t make sense:

1) At the beginning, why would Claire try to kill Peter? Doesn’t she know he has her powers, hence can’t die (like Sylar?)

2) Hiro in his office plays with turning time back and forth then back, and before he has time to put it back to the present, Ando knocks at the door, but that doesn’t make sense because when Hiro was playing with time, Ando would have come in already.

3) Claire locks herself up in the storage room… like Sylar can’t break down the door?!