GOSSIP GIRL Movie or GOSSIP GIRL TV Series? Which is Better?

Gossip Girl

The success of the CW’s GOSSIP GIRL has prompted me to pose this question: Should Gossip Girl become made into a movie or remain as a TV series? I realize that a lot of you fans out there might have some reservations on this issue but I will ask you to bear with me while I lay the down the reasons why I strongly believe that Gossip Girl The TV Series should be released in theaters as Gossip Girl The Movie.

The Case For a Gossip Girl Movie
Most of the successful TV series that are made into movies reach that status after they are cancelled or as a way of ending the show. But the fact is that there are some shows that make movies that occur while the show is in its prime. 24 stands as an excellent example of a TV series that is capitalizing on it success by making a prequel movie, 24:Exile.Although 24 will be on TV, this is an indication that there is an opportunity here for Gossip Girl to also get a piece of the movie pie.

So why would Gossip Girl not take advantage of its very unique position? In effect, Gossip Girl is the new Sex and The City for a younger generation. It redefines what is cool and hip. Although the plot is completely different and somewhat less racy than SATC (this is network TV after all), it has a healthy dose of controversy that has generated phenomenal buzz. Its OMFG marketing campaigns actually shouted loud and clear how controversial the show claims to be.

In addition, the value of Gossip Girl as a movie lies in the fact that it capitalizes on a very contemporary concept of living your life in the digital age. Carrie Bradshaw really has nothing on Gossip Girl (aka Kristen Bell) who takes the voice narration gimmick and the publishing shtick to a new level by adopting the blog format.

Are there any risks in doing the Gossip Girl Movie? Certainly. The movie business is not for the faint of heart and poorly done, the movie could be a massive flop. But the upside is so huge. With the right script and the right marketing, CW could make a massive bet and win more than they can imagine. A box office success would translate in additional viewers for the show which would boost the network to new heights. Hell, the movie only needs to make $20 million and above and it would be considered a success. With their current built-in audience (which includes all the leechers who pirate the TV series), the network could be sitting on a veritable gold mine.

So what do you guys think? Should Gossip Girl be made into a movie or stay a TV series?