PRISON BREAK “Safe and Sound” (Season 4 Episode 5)

Prison Break - Michael (Wentworth Miller), Lincoln (Dominic Purcell)

Check out some pictures from PRISON BREAK‘ new episode, “Safe and Sound” airing this Monday, September 22, at 9pm on Fox.

I was really looking forward to this new season of Prison Break, especially because I thought that return of Sara might mean some interesting scenes between her and Michael. But so far, I am not really satisfied. The last two episodes have felt like they are dragging. I don’t really feel the show is moving forward. Both episodes felt like exactly the same to me.

I really hope this next episode moves things along a bit. It looks like Sara might be in trouble and that things may be catching up to T-Bag, so that might be fun.

You can watch a promo and see more photos from Prison Break “Safe and Sound” below.

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Episode Synopsis: “Safe and Sound” – The search for the next card key holder brings Michael and Lincoln to the Treasury Department. Sucre and Bellick track T-Bag, who arouses suspicions and forms an uneasy alliance at his new job. Wyatt uses his personal touch with Gretchen.

Prison Break - Self (Michael Rapaport) Prison Break - Michael (Wentworth Miller), Lincoln (Dominic Purcell)

Prison Break - Sucre (Amaury Nolasco) Prison Break - Michael (Wentworth Miller) Prison Break - Gretchen (Jodi Lyn O\'Keefe)

Prison Break - Gretchen (Jodi Lyn O\'Keefe), Wyatt (Cress Williams)

(Photos: Greg Gayne/FOX)