Dirty Sexy Money Season One DVD

DIRTY SEXY MONEY Season One was released on DVD today, September 16. This is the time for you to be all caught up before the season 2 premiere on October 1, 2008.


When I first heard about Dirty Sexy Money, last year, I didn’t think I was going to like it at all. But I gave the pilot a chance and liked it, then I watched the second episode and still liked it, and so I ended up watching the entire season and really liked it. When I got the DVD I re-watched the entire first season and it was still awesome.

As Eric pointed out to me, it’s probably the most realistic portrayal of rich people on TV. Seriously, that family is messed up, but it’s so much fun watching them go through life. I almost feel happy I’m not that rich… almost.

Dirty Sexy Money is definitely one of the better shows on ABC and I would recommend you check it out (or at least tune in for season 2 on October 1st.)

The DVD of course contains some great Bonus Features. Bloopers, I can’t get enough of them and behind-the-scenes featurettes are always great if you want to learn more about the show, its cast and crew.

The bonus features on the DVD include:

The Road to Excess: Making Dirty Sexy Money – The Darling family—fascinating, capricious and undeniably dangerous. Take a unique peek into the inspiration for the most infamous clan on television, straight from the show’s creators.

Enter the Penthouse: A V.I.P Set Tour – Tour the Darling mansion and get a taste of their lavish lifestyle. This billionaire’s Manhattan home was actually built from the ground up on a Hollywood soundstage. Its dirty little secret is that there’s a penny saving surprise around every corner!

Haute Couture: Dressing the Darlings – You can’t be too rich, too thin or too well-dressed from the looks of the Darlings’ overstuffed closets. But even a make believe mogul loves a bargain, and the show’s wardrobe designers share ways to look like a billion bucks without spending one!

The Other Woman: Candis Cayne – What is it that makes Carmelita so irresistible to Patrick Darling that he would risk his family and his career to be with her? Find out in a profile of the torrid love affair between the politician and his sensuous mistress, played by Candis Cayne. Cayne shares an intimate look at her personal road to stardom and inner peace as a transgendered performer.

Audio Commentary with the show’s creators and stars

Tripp Ups – “Dirty Sexy” Bloopers

Deleted Scenes

And to give you a taste from the DVD, check out these videos which include preview clips from the show and clips from the behind-the-scenes featurettes.

Overall, another great addition to your TV on DVD collection. Now all that’s left for you to do is get Dirty Sexy Money Season One on DVD

Title: Dirty Sexy Money: The Complete First Season

Cast: Peter Krause, Donald Sutherland, William Baldwin, Natalie Zea, Glenn Fitzgerald, Samaire Armstrong, Seth Gabel, Zoe McLellan, Blair Underwood, and Jill Clayburgh

Release Date: September 16, 2008

Synopsis: Outlandishly wealthy, unimaginably powerful and relentlessly scheming, the Darlings have everything money can buy, including the poshest palazzo in Manhattan. It’s up to incorruptible family attorney Nick George (Peter Krause) to help them keep their secrets from destroying them—which makes him a very busy man. From the collapse of daughter Karen’s fourth marriage to the loss of the real estate empire’s flagship property, Nick has an eye on every aspect of their life…at least, he thinks he does.