Discuss: FRINGE “The Same Old Story” (9/16/08) Row, row, row your boat…

Fringe - Joshua Jackson, Anna Torv

Now that the excitement from the first episode has died down, it’s time to objectively look at the second episode from FRINGE, “The Same Old Story.” So What Did You Think?

I personally didn’t see the connection between The X-Files and Fringe at first, but after watching tonight’s episode, I could definitely tell there were similarities. Did it bother me? Not really. A good show is a good show. Plus The X-Files has been over for a while now.

I will say this about tonight’s episode, putting aside the lure from the top-notch cast (mostly Joshua Jackson of course), and the creators, Fringe is just not that great of a show. It’s ok don’t get me wrong. I enjoy it, but am I overly excited about it? Not really.

With Fringe they are trying to create an X-Files type show where each week the team works on a new case, while still having the overall story arch of trying to find the bigger answers. The thing is, this week’s case wasn’t all that exciting. Again, enjoyable, but nothing to rave about.

In addition, we didn’t really learn that much more about the characters. There was a cryptic mention of Peter’s medical history by Dr. Bishop towards the end, but that’s about it. Oh and was anybody else confused as to what that last image meant? Did they mean to infer that the experiments continue? Because it was a little too quick to be sure what was going on.

So far I really think this show was overly hyped and that’s mostly because it was created by J.J. Abrams. If it had been created by someone else, people wouldn’t be talking about as much.

I am going to continue watching it of course, because as I said I enjoy it, but I think all of the hype from Fringe unfortunately got my hopes up too high and it couldn’t live up to my expectations.

What did you guys think? Do you think “Fringe” is as good as it was made out to be?