THE CLOSER “Time Bomb” (S4E10)

The Closer - Tony Denison, Jon Tenney, Kyra Sedgwick, Corey Reynolds

Check out some pictures from THE CLOSER‘ new episode, “Time Bomb” airing this Monday, September 15, at 9pm on TNT.

Brenda and her team are on another case this week, and it looks like Fritz is helping her out on this one.

I just loved how last episode ended with Fritz telling Brenda to set a date for the wedding, and so I’m really curious to find out how they work on this together.

You can see more photos from The Closer “Time Bomb” below.

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Episode Synopsis: “Time Bomb” – In the heart-pounding summer finale, Brenda’s newly renamed Major Crimes Division investigates the death of a teenager that might be related to a highly organized plan to massacre hundreds of innocent people. As the squad races against the clock to track down a bomb before it can explode, they are given a stark and sudden reminder that the LAPD can be a very dangerous place to work.

The Closer - Jon Tenney, Kyra Sedgwick The Closer - Raymond Cruz, Robert Gossett, Phillip Keene, Kyra Sedgwick

The Closer - Kyra Sedgwick, Corey Reynolds The Closer - Jon Tenney The Closer - Kyra Sedgwick

(Photos: Karen Neal/TNT)