Lifetime’s COCO CHANEL Early Review

Coco Chanel - Coco (Barbora Bobulova) and Boy Capel (Olivier Sitruk)

If there is one movie you cannot miss this week-end, it’s Lifetime’s COCO CHANEL. Now, before you say (or think) anything, it’s very important for you to understand this is not the typical “Lifetime movie.” This time, Lifetime went above and beyond and created such an amazing movie that it doesn’t even feel like a TV movie.

Do you know how sometimes when you watch something on TV that’s not very interesting, you start doing other things? Well, I couldn’t keep my eyes off the TV while watching Coco Chanel, it was so good.

Coco Chanel - Shirley MacLaine

Coco Chanel premieres on Saturday, September 13 at 8pm and repeats on Sunday, September 14 at 7pm and Monday, September 15 at 8pm.

I do have to mention that the French accents were just not really good and it always feels weird to me that this is happening in France, but everyone is speaking English. However, I decided to look beyond that and that allowed me to enjoy the movie as much as I did.

Coco Chanel stars Shirley MacLaine, Malcolm McDowell, and Barbora Bobulova.

Coco Chanel -  Boy Capel (Olivier Sitruk) and Coco (Barbora Bobulova)

Let me list the 10 reasons why you should watch Coco Chanel:

#1 The story. Coco Chanel was such an important figure in the fashion industry that, as a woman, it was so interesting to find out how she revolutionized the clothes women wore.

#2 Barbora Bobulova who portays the young Coco Chanel is just amazing. I know the marketing focused a lot on Shirley MacLaine (who portays the older Coco Chanel), but I think Barbora Bobulova steals the movie. I absolutely loved her. Someone needs to put her in a movie, now!

(Fun Fact: Audrey Tautou is going to be portraying Coco Chanel in a movie version, “Coco avant Chanel,” right now in pre-production. Even though there won’t be the French speaking issue with the movie, I am curious so see how her interpretation of Coco Chanel compares with Barbora Bobulova’s.)

#3 Shirley MacLaine who portrays the older Coco Chanel, because as always, she delivers quite a performance.

#4 The quality of the filmmaking is very impressive and so beautiful.

#5 Olivier Sitruk who portrays Boy Capel, whom I hadn’t heard of before, but whom I now want to see in other films. Again, great performance.

#6 Sagamore Stevenin who portrays Etienne Balsan and his blue eyes, as well as his great performance.

#7 Malcolm McDowell who portrays Marc Bouchier and his unbelievable chemistry with Shirley MacLaine.

#8 Because this is how good actors should be in every movie we watch (that includes theatrical releases).

#9 Did I mention how incredible Barbora Bobulova is? Why hadn’t I heard of her before?!

#10 Because this is the best Lifetime movie that I have ever seen.

You get the point. If there ever was one movie worth watching on Lifetime, it’s Coco Chanel. So don’t forget to tune in this Saturday, September 13, at 8pm.

Coco Chanel - Coco (Barbora Bobulova)

You can watch a promo below, but be aware that it doesn’t do the movie justice.