DVD Review: UGLY BETTY: The Complete Second Season

Ugly Betty Season 2 DVD

Season 2 of UGLY BETTY is getting released on DVD on Tuesday, September 9. We were able to take a sneak peek at all the goodies that you can expect from the DVD.

Title: Ugly Betty: The Complete Second Season

Cast: America Ferrera, Eric Mabius, Tony
Plana, Ana Ortiz, Ashley Jensen, Becki Newton, Mark Indelicato, Michael Urie, Judith Light, Christopher Gorham, Rebecca Romijn, and Vanessa Williams

Release Date: September 9, 2008

Synopsis: Sunny, sweet-tempered and terminally style challenged, Betty navigates the ego-infested, high fashion halls of Mode magazine for a second season that is even brighter and bolder than the firsts.


Watching Season 2 of Ugly Betty over again reminded me how good this season was. From the opening episode with Hilda dealing with Santos’s death to Betty’s ultimate choice at the end of the season, it was so great to see it all over again. Plus what a great preparation for the Season 3 premiere on September 25.

When I first heard about the addition of Freddy Rodriguez as Gio to the cast, I wasn’t too sure about it, because I sort of liked Henry. But I have to say, he really grew on me. He really added a lot to this season. And now of course I want to see more of him. But of course I still have a soft spot for Henry.

As far as Wilhelmina goes, although she is not my favorite character, I really enjoyed the addition of her sister, Renee, and how it created some new drama between Wilhelmina and Daniel. Plus, it just seems like there is nothing she wouldn’t do to control Mode (and I really mean nothing), you gotta love that!

As for Daniel, to be honest I never really think his storylines are that interesting. Although I do love his relationship with Betty.

But, like I said, this season was really good and now, you can relieve it all over again or discover it for the first time.

And of course, let’s not forget the Bonus Features, which include:

  • On Set with the Besties – Self-proclaimed “besties” (as in “best buds”) Marc and Amanda (Michael Urie and Becki Newton) lead fans on a tour through the fabulous Mode sets – complete with sweetly snide commentary. Go inside The Closet, stroll down The Tube, and visit the cafeteria (hopefully it’ll be Taco Tuesday!). But wait – what are they doing in Betty’s house?!
  • The Suarez Tour
  • Wilhelmina Slater: Love To Hate Her – Conniving, backstabbing, two-faced – Wilhelmina (Vanessa Williams ) is the fashion world’s most irresistible villainess! Born to play Mode’s divinely evil creative director, Williams talks about the perks and perils of being Willie, and the cast and guest stars weigh in on her wicked ways.
  • Las Passiones De Telenovelas
  • I Love Betty
  • BETTY BLOOPS – Everybody’s favorite feature—only this time, the actors explain exactly what went wrong (it wasn’t their fault!) before clips of hilariously messed-up moments!
  • Deleted Scenes

I have to say that I love Bloopers, so this is perfect for me. Also, for those who love the telenovelas, you can learn more about how they make them, pretty fun. And you also get some more behind-the-scenes features where you can learn more about how they make Ugly Betty.

Overall, another great buy in the TV on DVD category.

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