ENTOURAGE “Fantasy Island” (S5E01) Early Review

Entourage Cast

The first episode of the fifth season of ENTOURAGE starts off great. The episode revolves around the team in the aftermath of the disaster that was “Medellin” and their efforts to try to overcome that. Here is what I can say of each Entourage character:

From the first scene, we can see that he’s definitely doing his very best to drown his troubles in a mountain of pu…huh…playmates. He’s sporting a Robinson Crusoe Style beard but still rocking the sheets. Mostly, Vince was same ol’, same ol’ in this episode.

Drama is having a long distance relationship with his french sweetie that he hooked up with last season. As always, he is very very very into this long distance thing, thanks to the magic of a Mac laptop. Dude always makes me laugh, even in his shallowness.

Eric is coming into his own as a full time manager. The guilt of having messed up “Medellin” is weighing on him and making him do anything he can to make up for it. He’s becoming a mini-Ari.

Ari is being Ari but you can tell he’s nervous about Vince’s future. I loved it when he yelled at his entire firm about the review of “Medellin”.

Some things change and some things stay the same. Guess where Turtle is at?

Overall, it was a decent Entourage episode but nothing memorable in my opinion. Except for the number of pu….huh…playmates that are surrounding Vince. Seriously, who are these girls? Don’t they have jobs?

So what did you think of the fifth season premiere episode of Entourage “Fantasy Island”?