ABC Family’s SAMURAI GIRL Review

Samurai Girl - Jamie Chung

ABC Family will premiere its special six-hour event, SAMURAI GIRL, starting Friday, September 5, at 8pm and continuing Saturday, September 6, at 8pm and Sunday, September 7, at 8pm.

I was able to take a look at the first two hours and I was pissed…

…that I didn’t get to see the rest of it!

Seriously, the first two-hour end just when things were getting excited.

But let me start at the beginning. Samurai Girl is a great film for the whole family, but as far as ass-kicking, I’ve definitely seen better. You can tell that the movie is geared towards a young audience. Still, I found it enjoyable enough that I will tune in to find out how it ends.

Another cool thing about Samurai Girl is that it stars Brendan Fehr, whom fans of Roswell (like me) will be very happy to see back on TV, as well as Jamie Chung who plays the main character, Heaven.

Overall, I was entertained and that’s the most I can ask for. Oh and since part 1 was already good, I think it can only get better with part 2 and 3.

Samurai Girl - Brendan Fehr and Jamie Chung

Synopsis: Based on a series of popular young-adult novels, “Samurai Girl” follows the journey of 19 year-old Heaven, the sheltered adopted daughter of one of Japan’s wealthiest and most powerful families. Protected and watched over at all times by her loving but enigmatic father, Heaven is raised in opulent but confined surroundings, with every detail of her life tended to and extravagantly provided for in the tradition of Japan’s hierarchal society. But when Heaven finds herself in San Francisco for her arranged wedding to the son of one of her father’s protected life is about to be shattered and that her past is linked to an ancient secret prophecy which both good and evil forces will fight to the death to control.

Check out the promo for Samurai Girl below.

Don’t forget to watch Samurai Girl starting Friday, September 5, at 8pm on ABC Family.