BONES “Yanks in the UK” Season 4 Episode 1 and 2 – WDYT?

Booth (David Boreanaz) and Brennan (Emily Deschanel)

So What Did You Think of the season premiere of BONES “Yanks in the UK” ?

Well, I have so much too say that I don’t know where to start. Well, let me just break it up in two parts: The Likes and The Dislikes.

What did I like about this Bones episode?
Well, setting the episode in the UK was brilliant. I suspected that Booth would have some great moments and I was certainly not dissapointed. Bones also seemed in her element among the Brits, especially the Brit Squints. We are even introduced to a UK version of Bones and Booth and they have quite a funny banter going on as well. The two murders that occur during the two-hour episode are somewhat “blah” but hey, i guess you don’t mess with the classics.
Back in the US, an old character is joining the team and you will never guess who. Sweets is back, people! What can I say? I really like the character. He is good comic relief and his presence actually makes sense in the context of the show now.

What didn’t I like about this Bones episode?
One word: Hodgela – aka Hodgins and Angela or should I say Dumb and Dumber. It’s hard for me to express how utterly furious I was watching this ridiculous storyline involving the two unfold in this episode. I really don’t want to give anything away so if you haven’t watched the episode yet…STOP READING NOW.
For those who have watched the same garbage that I just saw tonight, can I just say? OMFG.

Let’s start at the beginning. Angela’s mysterious husband finally appears and what is the first thing that Angela does? Well, kiss him of course. (Yup, that makes total sense). I would have let that go until I see Angela telling Hodgins that she kissed him as a “Goodbye Kiss”. Hodgins then makes a joke of the whole thing and proceeds to kiss his soon to be wife. *Insert screeching tire noise here*.

Here is what Hodgins, if he had any brains or balls, should have said: ” Let me get this straight. So you, Angela, My soon-to-be wife, the love of my life, future mother of my children, kissed your ex-hubby as a “Goodbye Kiss” and I am supposed to do what? Smile and say how quirky and new age your cheating ass is?”

I don’t care who you are and how New-Agey you think you are, it is NOT ok to kiss your ex, under any forseeable circumstances, unless you want to leave your man. Period.

The story kind of went downhill from there and I will not bore you with the ridiculous details.

Essentially, this was a mixed Bones episode with very good elements (in the UK mostly) and excruciatingly ridiculously stupid elements (i.e. Angela and Hodgins).

So was it just me? What do you guys think of this first Bones episode of the season “Yanks in the UK”.