90210 “We’re Not In Kansas Anymore; The Jet Set” (S1E1-2) WDYT?

90210 Shenae Grimes as Annie

It has all come down to this, we finally got to watch the first two episodes of 90210. What Did You Think?

Let’s just get this out of the way first, did I like the show? I thought it was ok, nothing to jump up and down about and definitely not as good as the original 90210. Actually, apart from the name and Kelly and Brenda being back, 90210 could as well just be another One Tree Hill.

Am I going to keep watching? For now yes, but I will admit that if my TV schedule becomes too busy, 90210 will be one of the first shows I will cut. I just didn’t get the excitement about 90210 that I felt when I watched the Gossip Girl pilot or even the season 2 premiere for that matter. I think the show was hyped way too much, but who knows it might have actually helped with getting people to tune in to the premiere, now the key is to keep people coming back and I’m not sure the 2-hour premiere was enough for that. If Gossip Girl couldn’t get higher ratings during its first season, I doubt 90210 will be able to.

As far as the actual episode and characters go, here are a few points that stuck out to me:

– Is it me or does the brother/sister (Annie and Dixon) relationship seem a little forced?

– Kelly and Brenda just didn’t seem like the same characters from Beverly Hills, 90210 that we had come to love. And that line about Brandon just seemed really awkward.

– I had a really hard time remembering any of the characters’ names because to be honest they are all pretty much the same to me. There isn’t much distinction between the characters and even the newcomers who are supposed to be outsiders act like all the other kids.

– I usually find myself rooting for at least one or two of the characters, but I couldn’t bring myself to care about either one of them. Actually I think my favorite character has to be Kelly (so sad).

Alright, I’ll stop here. Like I said it’s not bad, but it’s not great. And with all the marketing behind the show, I really expected something at least as good as Gossip Girl, if not better.

You be the judge, What Did You Think of 90210?