SONS OF ANARCHY “Pilot” (S1E01) Review

Sons of Anarchy - Charlie Hunnam

I have just finished watching the pilot episode of the new FX’s series SONS OF ANARCHY, which premieres on September 3 at 10pm.

Frankly, I was pretty skeptical to begin with. The premise of the show sounded to me like it was going to be like The Sopranos on Bikes which didn’t really bod well.

Well, after watching the first episode, I can say two things:

1) I was right. Sons Of Anarchy is like The Sopranos on Bikes.
2) I F@#$ing love it.

For those who have been living under a rock, Sons of Anarchy is the story of a “motorcycle club” comprised of bikers called the Sons of Anarchy that lives in a little ol’ town called “Charming” (Don’t let the name fool you) and the story mostly revolves around one of the shining star of the crew is Jax, played by Charlie Hunnam.

The story is really compelling. It has the grittiness of The Shield, the realness of The Wire and the subdued tension of The Sopranos. It brilliantly mixes the private and public lives of the characters in a very intricate but solid web. In one episode, we clearly know who to root for and who to be wary of. Very few shows manage to accomplish such a feat in their first episode but Sons Of Anarchy brilliantly does it.

The characters are really what got my attention. Of course, you cannot help but see how brilliant Charlie Hunnam is as an actor. He is just perfect in the role of the up and coming talented “prince” of this band of merry men. He clearly has a great future in this business. Brad Pitt better watch out!
I think it is also worth nothing the performance of Katey Sagal who plays Jax’s mother and let me tell you, quite a mother. You can tell that there is nothing that she wouldn’t do for her son and when I say nothing, I really mean nothing. (The part of the episode with Drea de Matteo is very telling).

All and all, Sons of Anarchy is slated to be a strong series that can redefine FX in the same way that The Sopranos redefined HBO.

Oh and one last thing, I see Emmys (Imagine Haley Joel Osment’s voice in The Sixth Sense).