GOSSIP GIRL “Summer, Kind of Wonderful” (S2E01) WDYT?

Gossip Girl - Blake Lively as Serena, Chace Crawford as Nate

What Did You Think of GOSSIP GIRL‘s season 2 premiere, “Summer, Kind of Wonderful?”

Well, I for one am just excited that the show is back. Can you believe we actually lived a few month without our weekly dose of gossip?!

So what happens next? Your guess is as good as mine, but here is what I thought of tonight’s premiere, “Summer, Kind of Wonderful.” (Spoilers ahead if you haven’t watched the episode)

Let’s break it down by characters:

Nate – Dating an older woman… I guess I can see how Serena’s rejection could lead him to trying something new, but maybe he could have picked something a little less risky. Also, I am still hoping that Serena might change her mind about him.

Serena – Speaking of the devil, she doesn’t seem to be over Dan, does she? I really thought the getting back together with Dan was a little quick. I wanted it to drag along little bit longer. Again, what about Nate?

Blair – Blair returned with a new boyfriend, James (or is it Markus?) to try and make Chuck jealous. And you know I sort of felt sad for James at first, because he actually seemed like a decent guy, but then they have to make him a Lord (seriously?!), and they totally lost me. That was the cheesiest storyline. Why couldn’t he just be plain old James?

Chuck – Turns out Chuck didn’t change much (and that’s why I love him). He still can’t get himself to tell Blair how he really feels about her even though it’s the only way for him to get happiness. Of course that creates great drama for us and I cannot wait to see how his relationship with Blair evolves this season.

Dan – First of all, I am not buying the whole Dan is now a playboy thing, it just doesn’t fit with the character. Second, what is the deal with having him courting two women one minute and then running back to Serena the second. If they wanted to go that route, the writers should have taken an few extra episodes to fully explore this storyline.

Jenny – To be honest, I never cared much about her storyline and it didn’t change that much this season. She is still trying to climb the social ladder any way she can, even if it means using Eric.

Eric – Another character I don’t really care about. It seems that he pretty much lives through other characters. Last season it was Serena and this episode it was Jenny. Nothing that much exciting in my opinion.

And finally, my favorite word(s) of the episode: PDA = Pretty Damn Angry

I don’t know about you, but I thought that overall it was a pretty solid premiere. I was not disappointed and based on this episode, Gossip Girl‘s second season is bound to be great.

So What Did You Think?