THE CLOSER “Sudden Death” (S04E07) Review

The Closer - Raymond Cruz, Kyra Sedgwick

This new episode of THE CLOSER “Sudden Death” was by far one of the best of the season. There are so many great things about this episode that I have decided to write the top 5 things I love about “Sudden Death”. So, without further ado, here are the top 5 things I love the “Sudden Death” episode:

1. This episode showcases the acting chops of Raymond Cruz who plays Detective Julio Sanchez. For the first time in The Closer, he is given the opportunity to show his range as an actor and really makes us feel for his character in a very deep way. Seriously, I never cry when I watch this show but the man made weep like a little girl.

2. The dynamic of the Priority Homicide Division (PHD) is seen here in a new light that emphasizes their unity. It is really heartwarming to see how they care for each other.

3. Kyra Sedgwick is spot on, as usual, in her role of Chief but she also brings her mothering side even further here when she demonstrates how protective she is of her people.

4. The story is poignant because it deals with the murder in a very personal way and you can feel that this time, it is different because it affects one of the PHD members so tragically.

5. I also loved the fact that Kevin Bacon directed this episode and I am convinced that it is his direction that brought this episode to a new level. Not only is he a consummate actor, but he is a brilliant director as well.

The Closer - Kyra Sedgwick, Kevin Bacon

You always think that a quality show like The Closer can never outdo itself and then you see episodes like “Sudden Death”. Four Thumbs Up on this one! ( I am counting my feet as well).