Review: GREEK “Brothers and Sisters” (S02E01)

Greek Season 2 Cast

GREEK returns for an all new season (which is really Season 2) on Tuesday, August 26, at 9pm on ABC Family.

I was able to take an early look at the first episode of the season, “Brothers and Sisters,” and have to admit I was quite underwhelmed by the premiere. Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge fan of Greek and am used to them having some great and exciting episodes, especially for their premiere.

Casey is getting really boring to me and I used to like her character a lot. I think it’s probably because all the drama doesn’t revolve around her anymore. I mean Evan is now dating Frannie and Cappie dates Rebecca, so all that’s left for Casey to do is take care of the sorority, which I find pretty uninteresting. I need a new love interest for her, seriously. Or even better, I really want her to get back together with Evan, now that would create some drama.

Evan and Frannie, I am not liking at all. I just don’t care about what happens to them. And as for Cappie and Rebecca, I don’t know if it’s because they don’t have chemistry, but I just don’t understand why the characters are together, they don’t seem to care for each other that much. At least not the way Cappie cares for Casey.

As for the storyline of “Brothers and Sisters,” it’s mostly about the annual Greek Week competition between all the different houses and Rebecca spinning out of control. Where is the down and dirty drama, party and rivalry between the houses?

But this is only the beginning, and since last season was so unbelievably good, I just take this episode as the first step in another great season. And even though there isn’t much to get excited about in “Brothers and Sisters,” it does set up quite a few opportunities for some amazing storylines between the characters for the season.

Overall, I am just glad to have Greek back on TV. So don’t forget to tune in on Tuesday, August 26, at 9pm on ABC Family (please note the new day and time).