Review: Hallmark’s DEAR PRUDENCE

Dear Prudence - Jane Seymour

Hallmark’s new original movie, DEAR PRUDENCE, starring Jane Seymour premieres tonight, August 23, at 9pm on the Hallmark Channel.

I found Dear Prudence quite refreshing and entertaining. Jane Seymour is perfect as Prudence McCoy, a smart and classy woman trying to solve a murder while on vacation away from her well-known TV program.

I think what will appeal to people is how the movie mixes the PruPointers homespun remedies with the murder case. The way the story uses Prudence and her assistant’s knowledge of these remedies to solve the crime is quite ingenious and makes this film very original and so fun to watch.

This is definitely another great movie for the whole family to enjoy and plus you might get some fun PruPointer at the same time.

Dear Prudence - Jane Seymour and Ryan Cartwright

Synopsis: Dear Prudence tells the story of Prudence McCoy (Jane Seymour), a humorous, Martha Stewart-like TV personality, well known for her ingenious PruPointers program of homespun remedies for a variety of life’s little problems.
When her series wraps for the season, Prudence escapes on a much-needed vacation from her work-driven life. She ends up in Wyoming, as a guest at a lodge her mother used to frequent when the elder Mrs. McCoy was the country’s best known advice columnist. When the lodge owner’s son turns up dead of an apparent suicide, Prudence suspects foul play. She calls on Nigel Forsythe III (Ryan Cartwright), the genius scientist she works with on all her renowned PruPointers, to join her in Wyoming and help her discern the truth.
Eddie Duncan (Jamey Sheridan), a local detective, is not impressed with her amateur detective skills, while Doug Craig (Rob Stewart), a prominent lawyer, tries to steer her in another direction about who JR really was. Both men can’t help being drawn to Prudence and her warmth and smarts.
As Prudence gets closer to discovering the truth and the major financial windfall someone stands to gain, she realizes that one of these men has been lying to her, and she and Nigel may be in danger. While making some unexpected discoveries about her mother, Prudence begins to reexamine her own life and choices – choices that could possibly include Eddie or Doug and most certainly require that she heed one of her own PruPointers: “Follow your heart.”

Don’t forget to watch Dear Prudence tonight, August 23, at 9pm on the Hallmark Channel.