Review & Videos: INTO THE UNKNOWN “The Secret Life of Gladiators”

Into the Unknown with Josh Bernstein

Discovery Channel’s new show, INTO THE UNKNOWN WITH JOSH BERNSTEIN, premieres tonight, August 18, at 10pm. We were able to get our hands on a clip and promo video to share with you, as well as take a sneak peek at the first episode.

International explorer Josh Bernstein travels the world on epic quests for knowledge and discovery. Inspired by deep mysteries and burning questions, he takes a series of unforgettable journeys into the unknown; no location is too remote, no culture too exotic, no goal too ambitious. Each quest sparks new revelations and incredible insights as Josh takes us on a thrilling hunt for answers

The first episode of Into the Unknown, “The Secret Life of Gladiators,” follows Josh Bernstein as he tries to separate the truth from the myth about Gladiators.

Turns out, Hollywood might not have gotten everything right about them. Movies like Gladiator perpetuate the myth that gladiators were forced into that life, when actually they decided to become gladiators for the prestige it brought them (which is compared to being a Rock Star nowadays).

I found the first episode quite enjoyable. I am always fascinated by how we so easily take certain things as fact without anything to back it up. I actually learned quite a lot about gladiators and never realized what it really meant to be one.

You can watch a promo for Into the Unknown and a clip from the first episode below.