Laurence Fishburne Officially Cast in CSI

Laurence Fishburne

Remember not too long ago when I mentioned that Laurence Fishburne might be joining CSI on CBS? Well, it’s official now!

Laurence Fishburne will replace William Petersen, who is leaving the show. His first appearance will be in the season’s episode 9.

CBS explained Laurence Fishburne’s character: “Fishburne will play a former pathologist who is now working as an itinerant college lecturer, teaching a course in criminalistics. His focus is on understanding criminal behavior, how and why people commit acts of violence — tendencies he disturbingly sees within himself. In the course of a murder investigation, he comes into contact with the CSI team and ultimately joins the Las Vegas Crime Lab as a Level-1 CSI.”

And now that this is official, I’m going to have to tune in and check out Laurence Fishburne in the show. I mean, come one, it’s Laurence Fishburne, the guy from The Matrix, I have to check it out!

(Source: Ausiello Files)