ARMY WIVES “Mothers & Wives” (S02E11) Pictures

Army Wives - Claudia Joy (Kim Delaney) and Denise (Catherine Bell)

Check out some pictures from ARMY WIVES‘ new episode, “Mothers & Wives” airing this Sunday, August 17, at 10pm on Lifetime.

So I’m sort of pissed at Army Wives for killing Getti. I had so many expectations for his character and Denise, how could they do this to me?!

I’m still excited to see the new episode of Army Wives to see the repercussions Getti’s death will have.

You can see more photos from Army Wives “Mothers & Wives” below.

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Army Wives - Charlotte Meade (Marsha Mason) and Claudia Joy (Kim Delaney Army Wives - Charlotte Meade (Marsha Mason), Claudia Joy (Kim Delaney) and Emmalin (Katelyn Pippy)

Army Wives - Marsha Mason as Charlotte Meade Army Wives - Marsha Mason as Charlotte Meade

(Photos: Fred Norris for Lifetime Television)