SMALLVILLE Season 8 News & Spoilers

Smallville - Tom Welling

When we were at Comic Con last month, I was able to speak with the creators, writers, and some of the cast of SMALLVILLE about the new upcoming 8th season, which premieres on September 18. If you ask me, this season sounds really exciting, especially with some of the new cast addition, which includes Sam Witwer who will play Doomsday and Cassidy Freeman who will play Tess Mercer.

Below you will find all the highlights from each conversations we had. Enjoy!

Darren Swimmer and Todd Slavkin:

– Apparently, the end of the season will please fans of Smallville.

– Turns out DC actually gets all the Smallville scripts for them to look at.

– This season, they reimagined Doomsday as a metaphor and gave him a face (Doomsday is played by Sam Witwer).

– This season they will introduce other DC superheroes like Plastic Man (who should appear in episode 2) and if I’m not mistaken, a character called Maxima who is a goddess that needs to mate but she can’t mate with humans (I’ll let you guess the rest, his name starts with a C.)

– This year’s other new character is Tess Mercer played by Cassidy Freeman. Tess is the VP for Luthor Corp. She will take over Lex’s place at the Daily planet. She is going to search for Lex Luthor and will realize that Clark might be involved with his disappearance.

– Doomsday will first appear in episode 2 as his human version, Davis Bloome.

– Lana will return, but unfortunately it might be bad timing.

– So far no Lex news, they are trying to work something out with Michael Rosenbaum to get him to appear this season.

– DC supervillain Legion will come to Smallville this season.

– They also mentioned that we would never actually see Jor-El on Smallville, for the simple fact that Marlon Brando did too good of a job and they cannot imagine someone else portraying him.

Brian Peterson and Kelly Souders:

– When asked why Clark doesn’t fly yet, they mentioned that a scene had been cut out from last season where Kara tries to teach Clark how to fly and she actually mentions how it could be a mental block.

– This season will continue in the transition for Clark to become Superman.

– This season they will be a lot in Metropolis as Clark starts to work at the Daily Planet.

– This season we also will start to see Clark saving more strangers (like Superman).

– Doomsday is a different take but the same mythology. It actually ties into something that happened last season.

– Doomsday is sort of a tragic story because you see someone that emerges as a villain but doesn’t start out that way.

Justin Hartley (Oliver Queen/Green Arrow):

– Justin Hartley trusts the writers and has never had any problems so far with what has been written for him.

– He thinks the appeal to the character is because of the writing, his is just the face of it.

– This season, they explore the origin of Green Arrow, how he was stranded on an island and had to learn how to survive.

– In the premiere episode, we also get a few characters back like Aquaman and Black Canary.

– Justin Hartley mentioned how impressive the new sets are this season on Smallville. Turns out he actually gets lost on the Daily Planet set, because it’s huge.

– Justin Hartley did some research for his role as the Green Arrow. He mentioned how he wanted to know the whole mythology of the character.

– Turns out there are talks of bringing a sidekick in.

– This season Green Arrow will look at everything he has lost. It is a big burden for him and he wonders if it was all worth it. He starts a downward spiral and he goes back to womanizing.

– Justin Hartley mentioned how the guy with the costume goes down and the guy without (Clark) goes up towards getting “the costume.”

Allison Mack (Chloe Sullivan):

– Allison Mack seemed happy that they were bringing new blood to the show this season.

– As for her relationship with costar Tom Welling, after 7 years, she says that they can finish each others’ sentences.

– This season there is a new love interest for Chloe as well as a potential wedding, a new job, and new powers.

– And turns out this Fall, Allison Mack will find herself behind the camera to direct an episode.

Sam Witwer (Doomsday) and Cassidy Freeman (Tess Mercer):

– Sam Witwer read about Doomsday in order to prepare for the part. He did mention once again how they have a different interpretation of the character in Smallville.

– Sam Witwer talked about how his character’s story is really sad. It’s about a guy (Davis Bloome) who deteriorates the more he learns about himself.

– Davis Bloome (who will become Doomsday) is a paramedic from Metropolis, who, turns out, starts a friendship with Chloe. He comes from the foster system, but is a really nice guy.

– At the beginning of the season, Davis Bloome blacks out more and more and decides to find out what he’s doing during those blackouts. When he finds out how awful it is, he deteriorates.

– As for Cassidy Freeman, she mostly explained what we already knew, that Tess Mercer’s goal this season will be to find Lex.

That’s all I have for now, but doesn’t all of that sound really exciting?

I personally am so looking forward to this season and all the changes in cast. For some reason, after speaking with Sam Witwer, I really want to see his interpretation of Doomsday, it seemed like he had such an insight into the character.

Don’t forget to tune in for Smallville‘s season 8 premiere on September 18 at 8pm on The CW.