First Look: THE AMERICAN MALL Promo Video

On Monday, August 11 at 9pm, MTV will premiere THE AMERICAN MALL, a musical from the executive producers of High School Musical.

I think we all know how much of a freak I am about High School Musical, and so of course, The American Mall has spiked my interest. Although I am not expecting another High School Musical, I think that The American Mall could satisfy my musical needs for this month.

And for those curious to find out if I actually enjoyed it, I will have a review up before Monday’s premiere, so keep an eye out.

Finally, in addition to its premiere on August 11, The American Mall will be released DVD Tuesday, August 12, along with its soundtrack.

Synopsis: Set in the kind of mall that’s always been a home away from home for teens everywhere, “The American Mall” is the story of Ally, a hardworking young woman whose mother has owned a music shop that’s been the soul of the mall ever since it opened when Ally was a kid. Ally’s singer/songwriter dreams seem to come closer to fruition when she meets Joey, a musician who’s moonlighting as a janitor at the mall in order to support his own rock star ambitions. While Joey understands her songs (and heart) like no one else, Ally’s happiness and the fate of the music store are threatened when the mall owner’s spoiled daughter Madison – who will stop at nothing to get what she wants – becomes involved.

Watch the trailer for the movie, as well as a short preview clip (featuring Autumn Reeser from The O.C., god I miss this show) below.

For more information about The American Mall check out the Official Website