DVD Movie Review: DUCK


How about another DVD movie review? This week, Daemon’s Movies checks out Duck, a pretty sweet independent film.

Read their review below:

Yesterday I took a look at the newly DVD released DUCK.

Written and directed by Nic Bettauer, Duck follows the story of a retired widower (Philip Baker Hall) living in 2009 where Jeb Bush is the new president and social services have disappeared.

At the beginning of the movie, the widower finds a baby duck, which he brings back home with him and helps it grow up. The duck and other events lead him to be thrown out of his apartment, and he now has to live on the streets. With his duck, they go around Los Angeles in search of water. Throughout their journey, they meet different people who will challenge them along the way.

I hadn’t heard of Duck before getting the DVD, but I found it very original and sweet. Director Nic Bettauer and Philip Baker Hall have found a way to make us care about this duck through the widower’s interaction with it. I think the most fascinating thing is how the widower relates to the duck in the movie. The relationship feels so real that it’s hard not to be rooting for them. Philip Baker Hall is really great at creating this whole world around the duck. His performance is one of the reasons why the movie works.

Duck - Philip Baker Hall

Duck is a very simple film, meaning that there aren’t any special or visual effects, and thus it relies on the story and its actors to bring us into this new world.

Overall, I found the movie enjoyable to watch and a nice break from other movies I usually watch. And I have to admit that the duck totally won me over.

The DVD Bonus Features include:

– Audio Commentary by director Nic Bettauer and actor Philip Baker Hall
– Interviews
– Cast Bios
– Desktop Downloads
– Theatrical Trailer
– Photo Gallery
– Movie Poster

And for those interested, Duck The Novella is also available for purchase.

Both the Duck DVD and Duck The Novella are available at www.duckthemovie.com.

Finally, I would like to leave you with the tagline which I find very endearing: “In a duck who believes him to be its mother, an old man discovers the will to live on…”

You can watch the trailer for Duck below.

(Photos: Mark Lampert)