DEXTER News Comic Con 2008

Dexter Michael C. Hall, Julie Denz, Comic Con 2008

During our crazy trip at Comic Con, we attended the DEXTER panel and learned quite a few things about the coming season.

– There is going to be a huge shocking reveal in the first episode. Dexter sets something in motion that will change his life forever.

– Dexter will become more of his own man this season.

– Agent Lundy will not be back.

– Deb will have a new relationship.

– They actually thought of doing a Dexter musical episode. (Now I want to see that!) To which Michael C. Hall replied “Maybe we’ll do a live episode!” (Ha!)

– They are not planning a Dexter comic book for now.

– Jimmy Smits will play a new character this season.

– Dexter won’t become all good this season, because once he does the show is over (and might I add, I like “bad” Dexter.)

– Question: “Who has been your favorite kill so far (pause)…. in the show”
Michael C. Hall “Oh, thank God you said that. (audience laughs) It was satisfying to kill Little Chino.” He also added that killing Dexter’s mother’s killer was also satisfying.

Dexter Season 2 DVD will be released on August 19.

– A Dexter video game will be released exclusively on iPhone and iPod touch. The game will be in episodic style and will make use of the phone, sms, and other phone attributes.

– When asked if she will be in Dollhouse, Julie Denz said that there was no talk of it but that she would love to work on it.