TRUE BLOOD News Comic Con 2008 Panel

True Blood Anna Paquin, Alan Ball (Comic Con 2008)

During Comic Con, we were able to go to HBO’s TRUE BLOOD panel, and since I hadn’t seen that much about the show, I was curious to hear about it.

The True Blood panel had appearances by creator Alan Ball, Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer, Ryan Kwanten, Rutina Wesley, Sam Trammell, Nelsan Ellis, and book author Charlaine Harris. (You can see pictures from the True Blood panel here.)

Here are some of the things we learned about the show:

– The show follows the books it is based on. Alan Ball said he was trying to stay as close to the book as possible.

– In True Blood, vampires are known from the public, but not accepted even though they do not feed on humans anymore (they have a special drink that fulfills their needs like blood does).

– We won’t learn why Sookie (Anna Paquin) is telepathic in the first season.

– “Fang Bangers” are people who want to hook up with vampires, ha!

– Turns out that sex with vampires is kinda great. Just imagine someone that has been able to practice for centuries…

– Sam (Sam Trammell) has powers different from Sookie.

– The character of Quinn is Charlaine Harris’ personal homage to Vin Diesel.

– HBO has created a lot of viral advertisement for True Blood, one of which is (a human/vampire dating site).

– When asked if Bubba would be in the show, Alan Ball said he didn’t want to give it away, hmmm…

– There are gay characters in the show, both human and vampires.

– They have 3 days of shooting left for the season.

– The season ends with the revelation of the identity of a person who has been doing “bad things” throughout the season.

– Season 1 is pretty much book one.

– The character of Eric is introduced in season 1 and we learn that he is a sheriff.

– Werewolves are mentioned in season 1 but they do not actually appear in any episodes.

– Maenads will be introduced at the end of season 1, even though they first appear in book 2, so that they can set up season 2.

– Charlaine Harris is currently working on book 9 of the series.

True Blood premieres on HBO on September 7th at 9pm.