HEROES Spoilers – Season 3 Premiere Episode “The Second Coming”

Heroes Comic Con 2008 Dania Ramirez, Zachary Quinto, Ali Larter

This year at Comic Con, Tim Kring, the creator of Heroes, came with a big surprise: the first episode of Season Three of HEROES which is ominously named “The Second Coming“.

Needless to say, we were very excited to see what they had in reserve for us this year. So without going through a full recap of the episode “The Second Coming“, we decided to go right ahead and give you the juicy details that were in this episode. Word to the wise: if you do not want to know what is going to happen, STOP HERE.

Here are the spoilers of the episode “The Second Coming” (We have voluntarily obscured the spoiler elements – if you want to see it, just simply select the text and voila, all will be revealed):

– The story starts four years in the future. It begins with Claire about to shot Peter. She seemed to have gone on the dark side and after debating with him, shoots him. He stops time and avoids the bullet.

– We find out who shot Nathan and why. It was Peter from the future who wanted to stop Nathan from outing the Heroes which led to them being hunted down by the authorities.

– We find out what happens to Nathan after he gets shot. After being rushed to the emergency room and being pronounced dead, he comes back to life after future Peter kisses him on the forehead.

– Sylar finds Claire at her house and after a game of cat and mouse, manages to subdue her and open her head up to find out what makes her tick. He then takes her power and we finally find out how he takes power from other people, he mimics their brain. Claire is awake during the “procedure.”

– Funny moment: When Claire asks Sylar if he’s going to eat her brain, he tells her “that’s disgusting.”

– Mohinder finds out what controls everybody’s powers. It is the adrenal gland in the brain and not the brain like his father and him initially thought.

– Hiro gets a message from beyond the grave from his father who tells Hiro that he is the guardian of a secret formula that must never be released to anyone.

– We are introduced to a new Hero who has super speed. She steals the Special Formula from Hiro.

– Nikki appears briefly and it seems like she doesn’t remember who she is. She is in a hotel room with some political guy.

– Mohinder comes up with another discovery. He has discovered a formula that can give anyone powers. They would be different for each person.

– Someone comes back from the dead. It is Linderman who looks pretty healthy and seems intent on “helping” Nathan. And turns out, he is the one that healed Nathan.

– Hiro finds out something about Ando. In the future, Ando will have powers too (some sort of electric power that comes out of his hands) and it seems like they will both be on the opposite side.

– Peter’s Mom has a power too. She has the power to dream the future.

– Mohinder does something incredible. He injects himself with the Hero making serum and becomes super strong, although it remains unclear what is the extent of his powers.

– We find out something about Claire’s powers. Not only does she heal, but according to Sylar who fiddled in her brain, she cannot die, and neither can he now.

And one of the coolest parts: Future Peter sends present Peter away and towards the end we find out that present Peter is being held in Level 5 of the company, but his appearance has changed, and Veronica Mars fans this is for you, he is now played by none other than Francis Capra (Weevil). As he screams that he is Peter Petrelli, we see that HRG is also being held in one of the other cells.

This episode bods well for this season. Very exciting stuff! I can’t wait to see more.