THE CLOSER – “Speed Bump” (S04E02) Pictures

The Closer - Robert Gossett, Kyra Sedgwick, Corey Reynolds

Brenda Johnson has a delicate case to solve on the new episode of THE CLOSER. I’m just glad to see her back in action, getting confessions out of everybody.

Don’t forget to watch The Closer “Speed Bump” on Monday, July 21, at 9pm on TNT.

For now check out more pictures from The Closer “Speed Bump” below.

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Episode Synopsis: “Speed Bump” – A recently paroled murderer is found dead in an alley near a halfway house, the victim of a hit and run. Brenda must tread carefully, because the crime for which the victim was convicted was a major press event in Los Angeles. Flynn was the primary on the original case, and the wounds he feels from it are still painful, even eight years later. At home, Fritz spends the day lying on the floor after throwing his back out.

(Photos: Courtesy of TNT)