Early Review: PSYCH “The Ghost in You” (S03E01)

Psych - Dule Hill as Burton

Get ready because this Friday, July 18, at 10pm on USA Network, Shawn and Gus are back in business as PSYCH returns for its third season.

If the news of Psych returning was not enough to be excited about, the premiere episode, “The Ghost in You,” turned out to be my favorite episode. I absolutely loved it.

In this episode, we get the Shawn and Gus team that we love back, but we also get so much more.

First of all, we see Gus at his actual job (I always wondered how that worked out for him) and needless to say his boss is not too happy with his extra-curricular activities, especially since they affect his work. Not only is this storyline something new, it also creates a new dynamic for the episode.

Second, we meet Shawn’s mother, Madeline, played by the wonderful Cybill Shepherd who guest stars in the episode. We already knew Shawn’s father, Henry, but now we get some new insights into the life of Shawn. And to make it even better, Madeleine, a criminal psychologist, is actually hired by the police department. This leads to some great scenes between Madeleine and Lassiter, who at first doesn’t know she is Shawn’s mother, ha!

And if that wasn’t good enough, they thrown in such a great scene towards the end between Shawn and Madeleine. The episode is worth watching if only for that. We have come to know fun Shawn, but this episode also shows you another side of him, and it only makes us love him so much more.

And so, the reason why this episode of Psych is brilliant is because they took everything we already love about the show and added a whole new dimension to the characters. If this is any clue as to where this new season is going, then I think it’s going to be an awesome one.

Don’t forget to watch Psych‘s season premiere on Friday, July 18, at 10pm on USA Network.