News from the Sphere – July 16 2008


Katie Holmes will guest star on ELI STONE. I have a soft spot for Katie Holmes so I can’t wait to see the episode [The Ausiello Files]

Jonathan Murphy from October Road has been cast in LIFE ON MARS. [THR]

Maggie Lawson talks about PSYCH [RTVW]

FX has ordered 19 final episodes for NIP/TUCK, which will end in 2011 [THR]

William Petersen leaves CSI [The Ausiello Files]

Steven Weber will appear in four episodes of WITHOUT A TRACE [The Ausiello Files]

The spinoff for THE OFFICE might be dead, but something else with Amy Poehler might be in the works [The Ausiello Files]

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES fast-forwards 5 years in the future and recasts the Scavo kids [THR]

BBC series, SECOND SIGHT, will be adapted for the US [Variety]