FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS Loses Two Castmembers

Friday Night Lights

Maybe some of you FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS fans have already heard the news, but if you haven’t then I am sorry to have to tell you that next season the show will lose two of its regular characters.

That’s right, starting next season, Gaius Charles (Smash) and Scott Porter (Jason) will only appear on a recurring basis. I think I’m more upset about not seeing Jason as much next season, I just really loved his character.

I guess in a way this shouldn’t come as a surprise. Actually, Araya (one of our writers) told me a while ago that he was worried about where they would go from Season 2, because Smash couldn’t stay a Senior forever. So Araya, I guess you were right (yes, I said it!).

That doesn’t mean however that I am not excited about the new season, because I am. Now give me some Friday Night greatness!

(Source: The Ausiello Files)