THE CLOSER – “Controlled Burn” (S04E01) Episode Review

The Closer - Kyra Sedgwick as Brenda Johnson

I just finished watching the screener of the first episode of Season Four of THE CLOSER “Controlled Burn.” Here is what I thought of the episode:

The Good
This episode was very funny, especially the part where Brenda is trying to hide her cat from her landlord which leads to a hilarious conversation about peeing in a shower. I am still laughing about it. The return of Brenda’s nemesis – pyromaniac Bill Croelick is also wildly entertaining as he represents a fascinating challenge to Brenda.

The Bad
Look, I usually like this show because of the crafty ways Brenda manages to trick the suspect into confessing (hence the title of the show). However, I feel that I got slightly shafted here as there was no real cat and mouse game that led to a confession. So that was a slight bummer.

The Ugly
The messed up part of the show was the fact that since we don’t have the signature confession scene. The least the show could have done was to make the potential suspect less obvious to spot. I don’t want to give it away but as soon as I saw the person, I was like “Damn, already?” Ok, I am knit-picking but it is only because I love.

Overall, I am really happy to see The Closer back on the air. This episode is a definite good start to the season.