THE CLOSER – “Controlled Burn” (S04E01) Pictures and Videos

The Closer - Kyra Sedgwick as Brenda Johnson

THE CLOSER returns for an all new season and I am sure many of you are excited to see Brenda and the gang back at it. The first episode gets right back into it and we even see the return of a favorite, Bill Croelick, as you can see in one of the pictures below, so make sure to tune in. Also keep an eye out for our review of the first episode.

Don’t forget to watch The Closer “Controlled Burn” on Monday, July 14, at 9pm on TNT.

For now check out three preview clips and more pictures from The Closer “Controlled Burn” below.

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Episode Synopsis: “Controlled Burn” – Griffith Park is a blazing inferno, threatening sections of Los Angeles, Glendale, Burbank and San Mateo. With four people dead and firefighters desperately trying to keep the flames at bay, the Priority Homicide Division is called in to begin an investigation. Things turn ugly when a nemesis of Brenda’s – pyromaniac Bill Croelick (from the Season 1 episode “Fatal Retraction”) – enters the scene. To make matters worse, a reporter has been attached to the squad as part of a PR campaign for the LAPD. On the home front, Fritz and Brenda have moved into a duplex, but the owner doesn’t allow pets. That doesn’t stop Brenda, however, from doing everything she can to keep Kitty under wraps, even if it means fighting with Fritz over the situation.

The Closer - Corey Reynolds, Kyra Sedgwick The Closer - Kyra Sedgwick, Jason o’Mara

The Closer - Kyra Sedgwick The Closer - Kyra Sedgwick

The Closer - Kyra Sedgwick, Jason O’Mara The Closer - Jon Tenney, Kyra Sedgwick

(Photos: Courtesy of TNT)