SAVING GRACE – “Have a Seat Earl” (S02E01) Pictures and Videos

Saving Grace - Holly Hunter

Last season of SAVING GRACE ended with a bang, or at least that’s what we would like to find out. Well, there isn’t much longer to wait, because on Monday we finally find out the answer to our question, did Grace shoot the priest?

I can already tell you that the first episode is definitely worth watching and we will have a review up soon, so keep an eye out for it.

For now check out three preview clips and more pictures from Saving Grace “Have a Seat Earl” below and don’t forget to watch the season premiere of Saving Grace on Monday, July 14, at 10pm on TNT.

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Episode Synopsis: “Have a Seat Earl” – While off duty, Grace chases down a subject who turns out to be one of the FBI’s Most Wanted. Afterwards, she is hailed a hero. But nobody is aware of what she was really doing on her day off, a shocking secret involving the priest who molested her as a child.

Saving Grace - Laura San Giacoma and Holly Hunter Saving Grace - Holly Hunter

Saving Grace - Holly Hunter Saving Grace - Holly Hunter and Kenny Johnson

Saving Grace - Holly Hunter Saving Grace - Leon Rippy and Holly Hunter

Saving Grace - Bailey Chase

(Photos: Courtesy of TNT)