GENERATION KILL – “Get Some” Episode 1 Review

Generation Kill

I just finished watching the first episode of the HBO Miniseries “GENERATION KILL”, written by Ed Burns and David Simon, the brilliant minds behind “The Wire” and adapted from Rolling Stone’s contributing editor Evan Wright’s book of “Generation Kill”. Here is my review:

The Story: The story takes place at the start of the second Gulf War and follows a group of marines as they get ready to be part of the first wave of US soldiers going into Iraq. The rhythm of the story is smooth but sharp in the way it clearly sets up the tense environment and the compelling characters in a very comprehensive fashion. The dialogue is smart, witty but also real. It reminds me of the quality that we came to know and expect from The Wire (Oh HBO, can you bring The Wire back as well? As I mentioned earlier, I really miss it).

The Characters: I really enjoy the characters of this show. I think they complement the story really well and the writers do a very good job of setting them up as complex individuals. You really care about them because their personality and humor is fun and interesting. At the same time, behind the macho bravado, you can see that these guys are worried and anxious to do well for their country.

Overall, this show is well worth watching and stands out from the pack of generic TV shows out there. It gives perspective while remaining entertaining which is not always easy to achieve, so Kudos to HBO for another hit.

Generation Kill premieres on Sunday, July 13, at 9pm on HBO.

(Photo: Courtesy of Paul Schiraldi/HBO)