IN PLAIN SIGHT – “Iris Doesn’t Live Here…” (S01E07) Pictures and Video

Frederick Weller as Marshall Mann, Mary McCormack as Mary Shannon

Tonight’s episode of IN PLAIN SIGHT features a Veronica Mars favorite, Percy Daggs III aka Wallace. I actually saw this episode a few weeks ago because it was included on the screener for the show.

Even though this was not my favorite episode, 1) it was fun to see Percy Daggs III, 2) we learn a cool tactic that witness protection uses to relocate people.

Don’t forget to watch In Plain Sight “Iris Doesn’t Live Here…” on Sunday, July 13, at 10pm on USA Network.

For now check out a promo and more pictures from In Plain Sight “Iris Doesn’t Live Here…” below.

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Frederick Weller as Marshall Mann

Tina Lofford as Debra McBride, Wendell Pierce as Walter McBride

(Photos: Richard Foreman)