Early Review: BURN NOTICE “Breaking and Entering” (S02E01)

Gabrielle Anwar as Fiona Glenanne and Jeffrey Donovan as Michael Westen

And so it starts again, Michael Westen is back for an all new season of BURN NOTICE, premiering Thursday, July 10, at 10pm on USA Network.

But before I get into the review of the first episode, I would just like to say that for those who were excited to see Tricia Helfer in the new season, she unfortunately is not that much in the first episode (not counting her voice). But rest assured, you will see plenty of her in the second episode.

Now on to what’s exciting about the first episode, “Breaking and Entering,” of Burn Notice:

1) Michael Westen is back in Miami.
2) Fiona and Sam are back at work.
3) Did I mention Michael Westen is back in Miami?!

Let’s start at the beginning, last year Burn Notice ended with Michael entering in the back of a truck. This season picks up right where we left off as Michael awaits patiently in the back of the truck to get to his destination. Needless to say that he probably wasn’t expecting to end up there (where? Well I can’t tell you everything, you’ll have to tune in to find out).

As for Fiona and Sam, well they are still doing the same old thing, just the way we love them.

And let’s not forget Madeline, who has a hard time getting over being chased by people with guns (I can understand that).

Of course, this season also brings on a new intriguing character, Carla, played by Tricia Helfer. So far we only really know her voice, but I expect we will find out much more about her in the upcoming episodes.

Overall, I really loved the premiere of Burn Notice, in case you haven’t guessed. It’s smart, funny, and full of action, just the way we like it.

So get ready for a new summer full of excitement starting tomorrow, July 10, at 10pm on USA.