Early Review: Hallmark’s A GUNFIGHTER’S PLEDGE

A Gunfighter's Pledge - Francesco Quinn (Montero), C.Thomas Howell (Horn), Jaclyn DeSantis (Amaya), Luke Perry (Matt Austin) and Jorge-Luis Pallo (Samuel)

If you were trying to figure out what you were going to watch on TV tonight, how about Western? Tonight, July 5, at 9pm, the Hallmark Channel premieres a new original movie, A GUNFIGHTER’S PLEDGE, starring Luke Perry.

This might not be the best western ever made, but it is enjoyable enough. Plus I always get a kick out of seeing Luke Perry on Television again.

The story of A Gunfighter’s Pledge is simple enough that it is easy to follow and enjoy. There are a few slow moments and I wish the story had moved along a little faster, but overall, it is a classic tale of a hero, who lost everything, trying to get his revenge and make up for the wrong he has done.

The acting is pretty strong and works perfectly with the tone of the movie. I mean this is a Hallmark movie after all, and as so it does require a certain feel to it. But I am happy to say it doesn’t fall too much in the cheesiness that some Hallmark movies sometimes have. Oh and did I mention that Luke Perry was the lead? The quiet hero part just fits him perfectly. And so it’s worth watching if only for him.

Overall, I think this is a very enjoyable Saturday night movie and while you shouldn’t expect to see the movie of the year, I think you can spend a great two hours following the story of Matt Austin.

Don’t forget to watch A Gunfighter’s Pledge tonight, July 5, at 9pm on the Hallmark Channel.

Synopsis: Following a daring escape from a pair of marshals, Tate (Kim Coates), a vicious outlaw, murders the wife and child of Matt Austin (Luke Perry), the sheriff who originally caught him and killed his brother. When Austin tracks Tate to a lawless saloon and accidentally kills an innocent man in the shootout, Austin pledges to the dying man that he will return his body to his sister, Amaya (Jaclyn DeSantis), at their family farm. Once there, he is forced to put his quest for vengeance on hold when he becomes embroiled in a dispute between Amaya and Horn (C. Thomas Howell), a businessman and landowner who has bought the sheriff (Francesco Quinn), and is trying to force Amaya to sell him her land by any means necessary. Unbeknownst to Austin, Horn has hired Tate as part of a posse tasked with removing Amaya from her land, leading to an inevitable showdown with lives and livelihoods hanging in the balance.