The Closer - Kyra Sedgwick

Last week, Daemon’s TV took part in a conference call with the very talented KYRA SEDGWICK from TNT’s original series, THE CLOSER.

The Closer returns for its fourth season on July 14 at 9pm on TNT, and Kyra Sedgwick shared some of her thoughts about the new season with us.

Kyra Sedgwick first talked about Brenda and Fritz’s relationship. She explained that the reason it is complicated is because Brenda’s job is #1 in her life and Fritz comes after, which creates an interesting dynamic. She mentioned that even though Brenda is very smart and intuitive about other people, she is not intuitive about herself. On the other hand, Fritz is very insightful about those things, which I guess explains how the relationship works.

Next, we talked about the new wave of strong women on cable television. When asked why it is happening now, Kyra Sedgwick simply answered that it was something that people were always ready for but because The Closer actually brought money to TNT, more channels now actually dare to do it.

In the season opening, we see the return of Bill Croelick, played by Jason O’Mara. Kyra Sedgwick mentioned how great of a chemistry these two have. She even mentioned how similar these two are, they are both rebels in their own way, he is obsessed with fire and she is obsessed with getting to the truth, which I thought was such an interesting way to look at it.

Speaking of the new season, Kyra Sedgwick mentioned that the new season brings a really great batch of scripts and that we will get to see more personal issues. Questions like “Are they going to get married and have kids?” will be explored, along with more crimes to solve.

As for what Kyra Sedgwick enjoys the best about being with this character so long, it is that she gets to get deeper and deeper and try to surprise herself. As for being in the show, the most rewarding part for her is working with the other actors and the writers for the show. And you might find it interesting to find out that the most challenging part for her is to learn the lines. Speaking of which, how does she maintain that Southern accent? Kyra Sedgwick has a dialect coach with whom she works on every script. They actually break it down into sounds, and turns out the accent actually allows her more freedom as an actress, mostly because it creates more of a separation between the actor and the character.

And so the final question would be, how does Kyra Sedgwick choose between working in film or working on TV? Well, she pretty much goes where the good work is. Of course it also depends on timing, but at the moment cable offers more freedom and shows that are based on reality, which is really interesting work for actors.

So there you have it. All you need to do now is tune in and watch the new season of The Closer starting on July 14 at 9pm on TNT. Easy enough, right?

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