Review: SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE “2 out of 16 Eliminated”

So You Think You Can Dance - Top 16

It’s time for another elimination, were my predictions right? Let’s find out.

Opening Number with the top 16 – OMG, how awesome was this! Mia Michaels is really amazing.

Choreography: Mia Michaels
Music: “The Dance” by Charlotte Martin

QUEST [Performance with Hok Konishi and Dominic Sandoval (SYTYCD season 3 contestants)] – Man, these guys rock! That’s all I have to say, you need to check out the video below to see what I’m talking about.

Choreography: Mia Michaels
Music: “Chemical Calisthenics” by Blackalicious feat. Cut Chemist


Chelsea Traille – It was pretty good. I think she did the best she could.
Music: “A Song for You” by Donny Hathaway

Comfort Fedoke – I thought it was an ok solo, but I think I liked her last one better.
Music: “Just Fine” by Mary J. Blige

Kourtni Lind – Wow, I think Krourtni was my favorite of the girls. It was such a nice solo.
Music: “Fire Door (Live)” by Ani DiFranco


Thayne Jasperson – It was pretty good. Plus I love that song, so that definitely helps.
Music: “Always” by Bon Jovi

Chris Jarosz – I thought Chris did a really good job, I really enjoyed his solo.
Music: “After Tonight” by Justin Nozuka

Matt Dorame – I really like Matt and I thought he did a really strong solo, so I hope he sticks around.
Music: “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz


CHELSEA TRAILLE and CHRIS JAROSZ – Well, it’s always sad to see someone go (except when I don’t like them of course, ha!), but I guess these two make sense. I am glad Matt is sticking around and I can’t wait for them to finally switch partner so we can see him with someone else.

Finally I would just like to say that I called the bottom three, so let’s see if I can do that two weeks in a row. Tune in next week for an all new So You Think You Can Dance.