DVD Movie Review: THERE WILL BE BLOOD (2007)

There Will Be Blood - DVD

Since this is the summer and that there isn’t much to watch on TV anymore, why not take this opportunity to catch up on a few movies? That’s why I thought a DVD movie review might be fun.

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The oscar-nominated movie, THERE WILL BE BLOOD, is out on DVD. You can buy There Will Be Blood in a 2-Disc Collector’s Edition (which I was able to take a look at), as well as on Blue-Ray DVD as of June 3rd.

Synopsis: The story chronicles the life and times of one Daniel Plainview (Daniel Day-Lewis), who transforms himself from a down-and-out silver minder raising a son on his own into a self-made oil tycoon.

The Story: First of all it is important to know that this is a character study more than a story driven film, and I’m going to be honest here, I didn’t get into it as much as I would have liked. It started out good, but as it went on I found myself waiting for something to happen that never came, and at the end I felt a little bit frustrated that there was no resolution (in my opinion). But I will say that I did have conversations about the story and even though some people really enjoyed the character study and the film the way it is.

The Cast: Even though the story might not have appealed to me as much, I think the movie is worth watching just to see Daniel Day-Lewis’ performance. I think that’s what kept me interested longer than the story did. He is just phenomenal, totally immersed into his character. I think we all know why he won the Oscar for this performance. And let’s not forget the rest of the cast, which is very strong as well. Paul Dano definitely holds his own against Daniel Day-Lewis and it’s fascinating to watch.

DVD Extras: The extra features, as far as I know, are the same on the 2-Disc Collector’s Edition and the Blue-Ray version.

They include:

15 Minutes docu/research film – Sort of a photo montage of the period intercut with scenes from the movie, which compares the authenticity of the film. Pretty interesting.

Teaser and Trailer of the movie

“Fishing” Sequence – Deleted scene about drilling issues and some talk about Eli.

Haircut/Interrupted Hymn – Deleted scene of H.W. cutting Daniel’s hair, as well as two other train scenes with H.W.

Dailies Gone Wild – I guess there is supposed to be a mistake during the take, but I honestly am not sure what it is exactly since Daniel Day-Lewis and Dillon Freasier don’t react until the director calls “cut,” which really shows how great they are as actors. Plus this scene would still work if you edit around the mistake, that’s how good it is.

“The Story of Petroleum” – This is a B/W promotional silent film that highlights the operations of the US oil industry. It has a running time of 26 min.

Overall: If you enjoy movies and good acting, you should to take a look at this title, plus if you have a Blue-Ray DVD you can see it in the best quality available (and that’s always nice).