30 DAYS – “Animal Rights” Episode Review

George Snedeker

I have had the opportunity of screening the third episode of 30 DaysAnimal Rights” airing Tuesday June 17, 2008. Here is my review of this episode.

The Good
I found that George Snedeker, the principal of these 30 Days was actually the most reasonable person in this episode. I agree with him that people should not be extreme in their views, regardless of how noble the intentions are. Also I like that the show brought awareness to PETA’s cause without being too sensationalist about it.

The Bad
Some of the PETA members need to work on the arguments a little bit because they definitely did not get my support. In particular, the lady from the rescue group who said that, given the choice, she would rather save her pet than a perfect stranger. WTF? A human being, unless he is Charles Manson or something is not comparable to an animal. Ridiculous!!

The Ugly
It is a damn shame that meat companies treat these animals with such cruelty. There is absolutely no need to inflict pain and suffering to any animal. I am not saying that people should stop eating meat because that is too extreme and just simply impractical however consumers should require companies to employ methods that do not involve cruelty.

Overall, this was a good episode and like George, I feel like I have learned something from this. There is such a thing as animal rights.