WEEDS – “Mother Thinks the Birds Are After Her” (S04E01) Episode Review

Mary-Louise Parker as Nancy Botwin

I just finished watching the season premiere of WEEDS and something amazing happened. The episode ended and the first thing I said was “Already?”. This episode was so good that I did not see time go by. Here are three reasons why this episode of Weeds was kick ass:

1) The dialogue was simply perfect. Mary-Louise Parker was natural and engaging. She has a very unique flow in her speech that you rarely hear in real life. Overall, the banter throughout the show was hilarious.

2) The story was brilliant as well. Although not a lot was revealed at first, Celia’s situation is definitely worth watching and Nancy is awesome in how she is dealing with the whole house burning thing.

3) Two words: Albert Brooks. A fantastic addition to the cast of Weeds. He’s so good in the role of a sarcastic washed up father in-law to Nancy. You feel like he fits right in the group.

Overall, a fantastic season premiere for Weeds that really bods well for the summer.