SECRET DIARY OF A CALL GIRL (Season 1 Episode 1) – Episode Review

Billie Piper as “Hanna” (aka “Belle”)

I have just finished watching the first episode of Secret Diary of a Call Girl and I have to say that I was very very very very very surprised……………in a good way.

To be honest, I did not have high expectations for the show. Maybe I thought the subject matter was too sensationalist and that this was just a ratings ploy by Showtime to entice more male viewers to tune in. Well, after 5 mn into the show, I realized I was dead wrong.

Secret Diary of a Call Girl is an awesome show. Billie Piper is just perfect in the role of smart and under-control Belle (or Hannah in her civilian life) who makes a very good living as a call girl in London. Her character is actually very genuine and for once, breaks the typical Call-Girl stereotype of either a poor girl who was abused and is looking for love in the wrong places or the drug addict forced into prostitution. Her character is very much in charge of her own life and actually seem to take some pride in her work. Ah, originality is so refreshing sometimes.

And the best part of the show is this: It is really funny. And when I say funny, I mean a very smart and sassy kind of funny which is desperately lacking in most American Shows. (and yes that includes Sex and The City)

Overall a great show and I am looking forward to watching the rest of the season.

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