Review: THE BILL ENGVALL SHOW – Season 2 Premiere

The Bill Engvall Show

THE BILL ENGVALL SHOW returns tonight, June 12, with an all new episode at 9pm on TBS.

Although I did not see all of the episodes from season 1, I did watch a few and really enjoyed them. It is just a great family show.

Now that I have seen the first two episodes from Season 2, I can honestly say that The Bill Engvall Show is coming back as strong as ever, with new smart and funny storylines.

The night starts off with the first episode entitled “But That’s Not Fair.” The kids decide to go on strike after Susan and Bill ask them to clean the garage for free (the horror!). The episode also features a cell phone injustice! Oh yeah, they are back!

I would definitely recommend that you sit down with your family tonight and watch the return of The Bill Engvall Show. You’ll spend a great, fun, and relaxing half hour.

You can view pictures from the episode here and read about our set visit here.

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