Review: MY BOYS – “The Transitioning” (S02E01)

My Boys

After a long break, MY BOYS returns tonight, June 12, for season 2 at 9:30pm on TBS with all new episodes.

As I have previously teased, I have already seen the first two episodes and have the answers to all your questions, but unfortunately you won’t get anything out of me.

What I will say is that the second season starts off strong as we find ourselves back on the plane with P.J. and are about to discover who the secret person on the plane is.

And yes, they do go to Italy, but everything doesn’t turn out exactly according to plan.

Back home, the boys are back doing what they do best, hanging out at Crowley’s. Unfortunately, some of Mike’s new found love for imitating Matthew McConaughey creates a chain reaction that results in everybody getting kicked out of the Crowley’s and spending time in Andy’s new car instead.

Overall, it just feels good to see to gang back on TV and the episode doesn’t disappoint at all, so make sure you tune in!

Also, if anybody lives in Boston, there is going to be a viewing party for the premiere of My Boys there. You can find the details on Give Me My Remote.

You can view some pictures of the episode here and read about our set visit of My Boys here.

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