FX’s 30 DAYS – 30 Days in a Wheelchair Episode Review

30 Days

I have had the opportunity of screening the second episode of 30 Days30 Days in a Wheelchair” airing Tuesday June 10, 2008. Here is my review of this episode.

The Good
Once again, 30 Days puts a very positive and empowering spin on the lives of people who have to stay in a wheelchair for their entire lives. Not only do they endeavor in living normal lives the best they can, they also demonstrate to some degree that they have something more than the common person in the sense that they don’t take anything for granted.

The Bad
Although I believe Ray Crockett performed admirably in these 30 Days, I feel that using him was not really a fair comparison as he has the financial means to overcome some of the more practical adversities that people in wheelchairs face such as retro-fitting the house and the car. IMHO, it would have been a more powerful message if we had to see someone with a more average bank account deal with this struggle (then again 30 Days would not have been enough time to do so).

The Ugly
There was absolutely nothing ugly about this episode. However, I wanted to point that it should be a national embarrassment to have one of the richest country in the world unable to provide adequate facilities and services for all citizens, especially the ones in this difficult situations

Overall, a great 30 Days episode. Definitely worth watching!