THE BILL ENGVALL SHOW – “But That’s Not Fair” (S02E01) Pictures and Videos

Nancy Travis and Bill Engvall

THE BILL ENGVALL SHOW returns for its second season on Thursday, June 12, and after our set visit, I will admit that I am very excited about this season. I have already seen the first two episode and they are fun. The Bill Engvall Show is a really great show to watch with the whole family and the best part is that even if you haven’t seen the first season, you can still watch season 2 and pretty much understand the story.

Don’t forget to watch The Bill Engvall Show “But That’s Not Fair” Thursday, June 12, at 9pm on TBS.

For now check out four preview clips and more pictures for The Bill Engvall Show “But That’s Not Fair” below.

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Episode Synopsis: “But That’s Not Fair” – Bill and Susan realize the kids have been receiving an allowance but not pulling their own weight around the house to earn it. So they decide to make them clean the garage for free. The kids balk at the injustice and decide to go on strike, setting up a battle of wills between them and their parents. Meanwhile, Bill feels he is been unfairly treated by a cell phone store when he and Susan both complain about the same problem, but Susan manages to convince the store to give her a fancy new phone for free.

Bill Engvall and Nancy Travis Nancy Travis

Jennifer Lawrence and Graham Patrick Skyler Gisondo

Skyler Gisondo, Jennifer Lawrence and Graham Patrick

(Photos: Courtesy of TBS)