MY BOYS – “The Transitioning” (S02E01) Pictures and Videos

Jordana Spiro as PJ

The long awaited premiere of the second season of MY BOYS is almost here (June 12) and you will finally know the true identity of the person on the plane with PJ (and no, the pictures and videos don’t reveal anything).

In addition to that, it also means that the whole gang is back to make us laugh and have a great time. After watching the first two episodes, I think it’s safe to say this new seasons looks very promising. Too bad the show is only a half hour long.

Don’t forget to watch My Boys “The Transitioning” Thursday, June 12, at 9:30pm on TBS.

For now check out four preview clips and more pictures for My Boys “The Transitioning” below.

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Episode Synopsis: “The Transitioning” – PJ, Stephanie and Stephanie’s new boyfriend, Lance, are on their way to Italy when PJ is called to the first class cabin, where her mystery date awaits. Meanwhile, the trip turns out to be a bit of a disaster for Stephanie. Back home, the guys are concerned the Bobby isn’t answering any of their calls or text messages, leading them to worry he might have been kidnapped. Brandon is worried about impending format changes at the radio station. Andy seems to have sold his soul to the devil in his new job as a big-time corporate lawyer. And Mike makes the big mistake of sleeping with a waitress from Crowley’s and then not calling her afterwards, prompting the entire gang to be banned from the premises for two weeks.

Jordana Spiro as PJ Kellee Stewart as Stephanie and Jordana Spiro as PJ

Jamie Kaler as Mike, Michael Bunin as Kenny, and Jordana Spiro as PJ Kyle Howard as Bobby, Reid Scott as Brendan, Michael Bunin as Kenny, Jim Gaffigan as Andy, and Jamie Kaler as Mike

Jordana Spiro as PJ and Kellee Stewart as Stephanie Reid Scott as Brendan

(Photos: Courtesy of TBS)