TBS Press Day: MY BOYS

My Boys - Cast

It’s time for more information about our press set visit of three of TBS’ shows, including Frank TV, The Bill Engvall Show (which you can read about here), and My Boys.

The set visit I would like to talk about is MY BOYS, which premieres on June 12 at 9:30pm on TBS.

This was another fun visit. The cast is incredibly funny and they are probably one of the nicest cast I have met (along with the cast of The Bill Engvall Show).

Even though I call this a set visit, I guess it wasn’t exactly a set visit, although we did visit the Crowley’s set, but more on that later.

Let’s start at the beginning. In order to get some information about the second season of My Boys, we sat down for lunch with the cast and started digging for scoops. Of course, the question on everybody’s mind was: “Who is on the plane with PJ?” Well, we asked and asked, and begged, even tried some bribing, nothing worked, their lips were sealed. (Well actually Jim Gaffigan (Andy) did give us an answer but it most probably isn’t the one you were looking for: “The pilot is on the plane.” Ha!) So unfortunately I won’t be able to give you any scoops on that, but what I can tell you is that everybody on the cast was surprised as to the identity of the mystery person. In fact, none of them got it right, but from what I gather it starts the ball rolling on the whole season.

After all the begging and bribing, it was time to get some info about what’s coming up in Season 2 of My Boys. So here is what we learned:

  • Brendan kind of falls apart.
  • Bobby finds new love.
  • There was some talk of a hot Swedish nanny, who will be working for Andy.
  • There is going to be a wedding (and no I don’t know who’s, but turns out the nanny will be in the wedding story…)
  • Stephanie writes a book and becomes a big novelist.
  • We will meet Bobby’s brother who is the polar opposite of him. Where Bobby is the modest rich guy, his brother is the one who takes the jet and doesn’t work.
  • Kenny is getting a good run, it’s almost “too good to be true.”
  • Mike will use some new charm on the ladies by channeling Matthew McConaughey, no seriously.
  • So far only 9 episodes have been ordered, but there is a possibility to get more this season.

After a long and relaxing lunch, we walked over to the Crowley’s set, which was literally right next to where we ate. The set is so amazing, it felt like we really were in a bar. The cast even started playing the game from the set (which I am not sure what it is), you see them play it in the show as well. Like a said, this was a really fun visit.

And to finish, I would like to mention that I had seen Jamie Kaler (Mike) perform his stand-up comedy show about two weeks before our set visit, and man that guy is funny. If you ever get the chance to check him out, you absolutely should.

We will also have a review up later on for the second season of My Boys, so keep an eye out for it. And yes, I now know who the person on the plane is, which interestingly enough I had sort of figured out, and no I cannot tell you, I have been sworn to secrecy. You will have to tune in on June 12 at 9:30pm to find out for yourself.

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