First Look: ABC’s LIFE ON MARS – Picture and Video

Life On Mars

LIFE ON MARS is one of ABC’s new show this Fall. I was a big fan of the original British series of the same name, and so was curious to see if they were able to reproduce the same great show in the US. Unfortunately, with the exception of The Office, American shows based on good British shows usually don’t do well.

And so with that in mind, I took a look at the promo and I have to say that I was a little disappointed by what I saw. None of the original feel to the show is there and casting is not great.

In the original, John Simm played the main character, Sam Tyler, and if you watch Doctor Who, then you know how good of an actor he is (he played The Master). The rest of the cast is wonderful as well. I think the reason why Life On Mars was so good is because the cast was relatable, and I’m not sure the American cast is (nothing against the actors, but I just don’t think they fit the part).

Of course I haven’t seen the full pilot yet, and so I will give my final judgment then, but so far I am not convinced.

Also, turns out my instincts might be right, Televisionary took a look at the pilot and needless to say, this is not the remake we were hoping for.

Synopsis: The series revolves around Sam Tyler, a modern-day police detective who, after a car crash, mysteriously finds himself transported back to 1973 and still working as a detective.
The series stars Jason O’ Mara as Sam Tyler, Rachelle LeFevre as Annie Cartwright, Colm Meaney as Gene Hunt, Stephanie Jacobsen as Maya, Lenny Clarke as George Randall, Patrick Wenk-Wolff as Colin Raimes, and Richard Benjamin as Milton Kornboll.

Watch the promo from the US Life On Mars in the first video and then watch a promo from the original Life On Mars below. You decide which one looks better.